A peak into the mind of John Hampton

Insomnia 2014; a very short observation of the times

As programs like Photoshop® for visual, and like ProTools® for audio, become more and more mainstream in society over the years, I feel a strange and foreboding movement of the masses toward a general distrust of these arts. With millions of  iPads and laptops going faster, and memory capacity getting larger, these types programs are finally dominating our arts and they are getting into every home. And it’s all, in a way, eroding the arts at the same time. (maybe?)

If I see an absolutely stunning photograph of a life situ that could be real, I soon realize that what I’m seeing may or may not be simply a concoction that a person only envisioned but never actually encountered, creating a morsel of doubt! Soon, I am a bit less stunned. I am referring to pictures that could, of course, be received as reality.There is a fine line between artistically “lying”, and using the tools to truly enhance one’s vision. In those scenarios, I believe it becomes a win-win for visioneer and receptor.


But the erosion slithers in to the vision that was fine to begin with, but through manipulation it is made to represent a “better than” true to life vision.



I think we all run the real life risk of stifling true artistry by enstilling an exasperation in the artist who believes that society will only see his or her art as only a digital concoction by a “not so artistic” third party. Of course, there are ALWAYS exceptions to every rule. I think Tiffany here is beautiful in ANY picture!

And then, of course, there’s the out and out lie.


If we can do THIS, think how much artistic lying is going on in the world? Why should I pay money to have music and singing by someone who can’t sing as good as they project?

I need a bit of help here. Anyone?